Welcome to the American Hosta Society Online Registry & 
		Database for the Plant Genus Hosta American Hosta Society  

Minimum requirements for registration:

  • Printable registration form with bold-faced items completed in their entirety or, use the online interactive form with all * items completed.
  • Digital photographs. Provide photographer's name and an approximate date for each photo and submit at least one each of the following:
    1. entire clump
    2. closeup of a typical leaf
    3. closeup of a typical flower
  • Written permission from the originator (if other than the registrant).
  • $5 registration fee per cultivar name. Make check(s) payable to The American Hosta Society or use the Pay Now option on the Payments page.

Optional but recommended:

  • Additional digital photo(s) showing unique attributes

Where to send your registration form:

  • The completed registration form, fee, and photos should be mailed to:

    Gayle Hartley Alley, Hosta Registrar
    33001 E 155th Street
    Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

  • or email required items to:


Terminology & Questions:

  • Terms used on the registration form are described on the Hosta Terminology Page.
  • Additionally, questions can be answered by contacting the Registrar, Gayle Hartley Alley, at (816) 697-2007 or emailing GiboshiGayle@gmail.com

Registrations received by November 1 will be included in that year's registration publication.

No late submissions please.
Note: Un-established cultivar names submitted for registration do not become established until they are published in the annual Registrations supplement to The Hosta Journal. However, cultivar names can become established outside this avenue by being published elsewhere prior to the publication date of the Registrations supplement (which could potentially negate your registration).
Email Gayle Hartley Alley