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The American Hosta Society Welcomes You

The Hosta Registry is a service provided to you by The American Hosta Society in its capacity as the International Registration Authority from the Genus Hosta. Hosta enthusiasts, growers, hybridizers, nurserymen, and horticulturists will find this growing resource an invaluable tool.

Under the “searches” menu you will find various search utilities that allow you to retrieve information from the official registry database for the plant genus Hosta. Some of these searches are for cultivar name, hybridizer name, leaf color, leaf characteristics, and plant parentage.

Please note that there are three "buttons" under "Cultivar Name" and "Hybridizer." Please note that if the correct button is not selected your search may come up empty. For example, entering Walek will turn up nothing if the "Beginning of Name" button is selected, but will produce results if either "End of Name" or "Anywhere in Name" are selected. For purposes of this database, by "Hybridizer" we are referring to any of the registrant, originator, introducer, or nominant. As we get comments, and reformat parts of the database to be more conducive to searches, more searches will be added.

When you click the "checklists" button on the menu you are taken to a page where you may review all the Hosta Cultivar Registration Checklists that have been published through The American Hosta Society. Thes e are available as PDF documents.

Under the "registration" menu we are developing an online cultivar registration form, printable form, and other documentation essential to the registration process for a new cultivar. We are hopeful of having this online by May 2009.

Finally, I have obtained the original registration records for all cultivars from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  In the next few months I will be researching these materials to make any changes I am allowed to make under the code.  Please let me know of any data in the database that seems out of the ordinary to aid me in my review of the historic files.

We are also planning on adding the original registration pictures, or drawings, and over time, add pictures of mature clumps and if funding permits, pictures of individual leaves to aid in identification and for leaf show classification.  Leaf show classes also will be added as time permits.

Kevin P. Walek
Immediate Past Registrar
Genus Hosta

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