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Hosta Registration

NEW REGISTRATION FEES have been approved and are effective January 1, 2022. Read all information below carefully before proceeding.

Please download the "Registration Guidelines" document using the link provided below to review the current requirements for registration and to access a registration worksheet. Check back periodically and take note of the document’s date (in the footer) as this document will be updated as needed.

Use the "Register a Cultivar" button below to start the registration process. When using this online utility, you may register five cultivars without incurring any cost. Registrations entered from January 1st through November 30th of each year count towards your total. A fee of $10 applies to each registration after the fifth in a calendar year.

Any registrations received in December will be discarded and must be resubmitted after January 1st.

NOTE: If necessary, you may send a copy of your completed worksheet to the registrar, who will process the registration details for you. Refer to the "Registrations Guideline" document for details. Each registration received in hard-copy form requires a $15 fee.

Names may be reserved by selecting the "Reserve a Name" button below or by simply emailing a request to HostaRegistry@gmail.com (no fee required). Names are held by the Registrar for a ONE TIME period of three (3) years and a maximum of ten names will be held at any one time. Please note that reserving a name with the Registrar will NOT protect your name from being used on a US Plant Patent or Breeders’ Rights application.

The "Pay Now" button can be used multiple times (for each individual registration) or one payment after all submissions are complete.

Registration Guidelines (with worksheet)


Email Gayle Hartley Alley